Lower Valley Energy recognized for lowest rates in US

STAR VALLEY, WYO — Lower Valley Energy was again proclaimed as the electric cooperative having the lowest residential rate in the country by the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC).

CFC is a member-owned nonprofit organization that finances rural utilities across the country. As part of CFC’s due diligence, they track and analyze the entire cooperative industry and produce a report listing key performance indicators for utilities.

On this year’s report, published at the end of June, Lower Valley Energy has the lowest residential rates of all 813 cooperatives CFC tracks for the year 2018. LVE did the same last year.

“Despite low rates being one of the hallmarks of what we do, we also performed exceedingly well according to CFC in the maintenance of our system and returning patronage capital back to our consumer members,” said Lower Valley Energy president and CEO Jim Webb.

Lower Valley Energy consistently rates at or near the top for low rates. And that is not by accident. Lower Valley Energy also embraces technology and strives for efficiency and productivity, which also helps maintain low rates.


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