Pancake has been found! Photo: Animal Adoption Center

Update 10:30 a.m: Pancake has been found! Two Animal Adoption Center volunteers found her after 16 hours outside about a mile from her home. She has been brought to the Jackson Animal Hospital for evaluation. 

JACKSON, Wyo. — Cache Creek dog walkers! Keep an eye out for Pancake the pup. She got spooked from her adoptive family on Oct. 26 just before sunset, near 665 Lodgepole Lane, off Cache Creek Rd.

As recently as this morning, Pancake has been reportedly spotted near East Hall and Redmond Streets.

Pancake is originally from Texas so she is not used to our cold temperatures and she is under 20lbs. She has a harness, collar, and leash on. She is very scared and is likely hiding under something. Keep an eye out for her when walking your dogs around the area.

She is motivated by dogs and this will likely be our best bet to find her.

Please call the Animal Adoption Center Emergency Line (307-690-8642) if you have any sightings, leads, or find her!