Local biz Give’r launches new Kickstarter campaign

JACKSON, Wyo. — After a very successful 4-Season Gloves Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the Give’r team is following that up with an even larger fundraising effort for the glove’s fingerless counterpart: The Frontier Mitten.

The Give’r Frontier Mittens went live on Kickstarter Oct. 8 with the goal of getting them into people’s hands (and on them) prior to the holidays.

Founder Bubba Albrecht’s vision to create the perfect mitten took almost two years. Working tirelessly at the Give’r Garage in downtown Jackson, he sought to offer locals and visitors alike a way to stay warm through the long and often freezing Jackson winters. Knowing fully well that if they could withstand the test of Jackson temps, they’d be ready to battle any cold front in the world.

Features and benefits of Give’r Frontier Mittens include:

  • Four-layer construction features premium insulation, heatshield backing, waterproof membrane, and durable cowhide
  • Hand-finished with natural beeswax
  • Reverse embossed Give’r logo
  • Optional hand-branded custom initials

The Kickstarter campaign provides supporters with the biggest discounts that will ever be available, so now is the time to get them! To learn more and purchase yours today, visit the Kickstarter site here: give-r.com/mittens.

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