Live Trap Release Workshop, Sept. 15

JACKSON, Wyo. – Wyoming Untrapped promotes trapping reform through education and advocacy for Wyoming’s people, pets and wildlife. On Sept. 15, they invite the public to attend a virtual Trap Release Workshop that could help save pets lives.

A properly set trap is very difficult to see and many of them are baited, which can attract a pet just like the wildlife they are targeting. It is legal for trappers to set as many traps as they like on public lands, including popular, heavily used hiking trails.

Sometimes trapped pets have only minutes to live once caught. Being prepared and knowing how to safely free your pet could save your pets life. More than 80 dogs have been reported trapped and 10 have been reported killed in Wyoming since 2000. Trappers are not responsible for reporting trapped pets and in the wake of the trapping incident pet owners may choose not to report as well. Many suspect that th true numbers of trapped pets across Wyoming are much higher.

Photo: Courtesy of Wyoming Untrapped

During this workshop, participants will learn about trapping and snaring in Wyoming and how to recreate responsibly with pets where trapping may occur through prevention, preparedness, and proper trap release techniques should your pet get caught.

The featured speaker, Dave Pauli, is the Director of Wildlife Innovations for the Humane Society of the US. He has traveled the world teaching workshops and rescuing a wide variety of species. He began teaching trap-release workshops with Wyoming Untrapped in 2014.

Join for this free workshop and register today.

This workshop was made possible through the generosity of Wyoming Untrapped supporters, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Old Bill’s Fun Run, and caring individual donors all over the country. Wyoming Untrapped extends their gratitude toward everyone who made this possible.

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