Legends of Legacy Lodge: meet the writer

JACKSON, WY — You may have already met Jeanie Mebane, her husband Alan, and their 2003 Pleasure Way RV. We introduced them back in December as new residents of Legacy Lodge.

And now, Jeanie has found a new project. Introducing a new series: Legends of Legacy Lodge. Each month, Mebane will interview a fellow Legacy Lodge resident and share their story in Legacy Lodge’s newsletter and here on Buckrail.

But first, we want to re-introduce the writer. Mebane is a published author of five children’s books, all fun age-appropriate accounts of natural history. She has one about Animal Migration and Animal Hibernation. Her most recent book, “At the Marsh in the Meadow,” is a fun cumulative rhyme about the food chain in the wetlands.

She’s also published countless short stories and hundreds of articles and columns about natural history. Even though she broke into children’s writing because she was “tired of writing for adults,” she says writing about them is nothing new. She cut her teeth as a reporter and columnist for local papers in Nebraska and Nevada.

“I like adults,” Mebane said. Her first interview subject, Allen Raver (we’ll share his story soon), “loved talking. [He] was very calm, very accommodating.”

And as a relative newcomer to Legacy Lodge, interviewing residents makes it easier for Mebane to get to know them. And that’s exactly the point of the series, says Director of Life Enrichment Nikki Escalada — “so people can feel connected to the community and know who lives here.”

Legacy Lodge residents have a lot to learn from each other, but the community also has a lot to learn from them. “We should be learning from people’s pasts. It’s an important part of growing up,” Escalada says.

Escalada also wants to reduce the stigma around aging and old folks. She wants people to remember that people in assisted living homes have lived full, complex and exciting lives. “We should be telling their stories and getting people interested.”

Legacy Lodge will share one residents’ story a month here on Buckrail, so stay tuned for more. Escalada also hopes the stories encourage people to pay Legacy Lodge a visit, and learn more for themselves. Their doors are always open.

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