Legendary producer T Bone Burnett to share storied career

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – He is a luminary that has earned thirteen Grammy Awards, toured as Bob Dylan’s guitarist, worked extensively with filmmakers the Coen Brothers, and has prospered in the studio as producer and session player with such a genuine approach that he has set new benchmarks for sonic character. For connoisseurs of American music culture, listening to the stories of T Bone Burnett is akin to weaving through the golden era of rock n’ roll and modern day Americana.

Accompanied by just a guitar and film clips this Tuesday, Burnett will take the Center for the Arts’ audience on a tour of his work and collaborations from Elton John to Robert Plant, Jack White, B.B. King and a number of other stars.

Inquisitive minds are encouraged to stream a recent audio interview (posted below) with Matt Donovan of KHOL 89.1FM, offering a buttery preview of what’s in store.

The Center for the Arts presents On the Road with T Bone Burnett: Stories, Music & Movies, 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Center Theater. Tickets are $91-$93 and available at JHCenterForTheArts.org.

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