Legacy Lodge helps seniors prepare for plastic bag ban

JACKSON, WY — Legacy Lodge at Jackson Hole is always looking for out-of-the-box ways to help out the community they serve — Jackson’s aging adults. When Ordinance 1205, aka the “plastic bag ban,” took effect on April 15, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something.

Legacy Lodge staff volunteered their afternoon on Friday, April 19 to give out free reusable grocery bags at the Senior Center. It was a perfect way to support the environment and the town’s eco-friendly initiatives, and support Jackson’s aging population.

The bag ban is a change, and, like all changes, will require some adjustments. Not everyone is used to bringing reusable grocery bags to the store with them. Not everyone even has a reusable bag to bring. But providing free reusable bags to aging residents was one thing Legacy Lodge could control, said Director of Admissions Lynnze Martinsen.

“The event was very well received,” Martinsen said. “We had a plethora of people come up excited to get a free bag. It was perfect because free healthy produce came through the senior center doors as we were setting up, and many needed a bag to carry their ‘groceries.'”

Legacy Lodge and the Senior Center are natural partners — Legacy Lodge residents frequently visit the Senior Center for their bi-monthly Friday feasts, and the Senior Center team is consistently supportive of Legacy Lodge’s team. It “just made sense” to host the event at the Senior Center, Martinsen said. “We knew we had an opportunity to reach more aging adults and go to them, rather than them having to get out and find us.”

And Legacy Lodge still has some bags left! Stop by, meet some residents, take a tour, and leave with a free reusable bag.

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