Learn about Ready, Set, GO!

JACKSON, Wyo. — When Teton County implemented “Ready, Set, GO!” evacuation procedures in 2017, it was more of a soft launch. It was used in the Roosevelt Fire, but the terminology was still new and unfamiliar. The town wouldn’t need it until two years later.

The terminology was used during both the Museum and Saddle Butte wildland fires this summer. The program has been effective, but it works best when everyone knows what it means. The terminology will not only be used in wildland fires, but also for all-hazards incidents including hazmat, floods, or other hazardous conditions.

Teton County Emergency Management wants to continue to educate the public on what it means to be Ready, to be Set, and to GO!. Join the county for a two-part informational session Thursday, November 7 at the Teton County Administration Building in the Board of County Commissioners. Free pizza included!

Learn more online.

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