Teton County Search and Rescue - Backcountry
A sign reminding backcountry users to do what they can to social distance and help flatten the curve. Photo: Teton Backcountry Alliance

JACKSON, Wyo. — Backcountry areas around Jackson Hole may be closing soon.

The Teton Backcountry Alliance recently obtained information that the Teton Sheriff’s Department is looking at closing these areas if people continue to not practice social distancing in the parking lots.

Areas considered into closure include all road access to Targhee as well as parking lots for Coal Creek and the pass.

Buckrail recently published an article with advice from the Teton Backcountry Alliance on how to recreate safely in backcountry areas during a pandemic.

Another way to help prevent overcrowded backcountry areas is to not post it on social media. Powder Magazine recently published an article about how posting backcountry adventures on social media influences more people to go in fear of missing out.

If you plan on skiing in the backcountry, remember to do what you can to maintain a 6ft distance and not travel in large groups.

A scene from Teton Pass on March 25, 2020. Currently, no backcountry restrictions are in place but a 6ft distance should be respected outside as well as inside. Photo: Teton Backcountry Alliance

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