JACKSON, Wyo. — If the image that pops into your mind when you think of a dance performance is populated with tutus and the haunting melody of Swan Lake, it’s time to reconsider. Groundbreaking and innovative David Dorfman Dance, a powerfully-athletic and compelling company, will be presenting their politically and socially-relevant work: “(A)Way Out of My Body.”

David Dorfman Dance is Dancers’ Workshop’s commissioned artist in residence— a relationship marked by innovative collaboration and cooperative creation.

Photo: Cat Evans

“Our commitment to championing new dance works is an important piece of our efforts at Dancers’ Workshop,” explained Babs Case, artistic director. “(A)Way Out of My Body” is an inspiring example of the astonishing pieces that come from our dedication to helping commission artists and companies from around the world.”

“We treasure the ongoing collaborative and creative relationship that Dancers’ Workshop enjoys with David Dorfman Dance,” Erin Roy, executive director of Dancers’ Workshop said. “We were honored by their presence and creativity during our 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration week, and are deeply looking forward to sharing this thought-provoking and inspiring production with the community.” 

“(A)Way Out of My Body” investigates the “out of body” experience as a metaphor for our body politic. Dorfman propels dancers through space and time in a search of personal truths. With breathtaking lighting and visual design by theater-maker, Andrew Schneider and an original score by the company’s four-person house band, led by singer/songwriter Elizabeth de Lise, Dorfman’s newest work beckons the audience into the otherworldly ness of dreams, desires and connectivity, as well as potential new worlds awaiting discovery.

In collaboration for the first time with Obie-award-winning interactive electronics artist Andrew Schneider, Dorfman and his company of dancers and musicians weave together movement, live original music, technology and theater for a deeply personal, engaging evening-length dance.

In 1987, David Dorfman founded David Dorfman Dance with the intention of creating politically and socially relevant dance work. Now, 35 years later, Dorfman has become a mentor and inspiration to a new generation of dancers and choreographers while continuing his lifelong mission of kinetic diplomacy.

Creating works that hit at the heart of the human condition while radiating joy from our collective humanity, to experience a David Dorfman Dance performance is to witness a belief and lifelong dedication to the resilience of the community and the human spirit. The New York Times applauds Dorfman’s excellence, observing that he “has never shied away from openhearted explorations of self and society, channeling big ideas into raw hyper-athletic movement that calls for go-for-broke dancers.”

During the week of Oct. 10-16, the Dancers’ Workshop will welcome the celebrated ensemble of David Dorfman Dance to Jackson Hole. The week will include classes for the organization’s students, a community dance class open to all levels, collaborative events with JH Poetry and the Jackson Hole Art Association, and conclude with two breathtaking performances of (A)Way Out of My Body

Visit the Dancers’ Workshop website for a full schedule of classes offered over the course of the week that David Dorfman Dance is in residence. Performances will be at 7:30 p.m. on the evening of Friday, Oct. 14 and a matinee at 4vp.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15. Both performances will be followed by opportunities to meet and ask questions of the dancers and musicians. Tickets to both performances are available here

Photo: JHsu media