JH RoboBroncs solve (pizza) pi tomorrow in preparation for exciting 2019 season

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Jackson Hole High School RoboBroncs have a lot to build on after last year’s successful run culminating in a qualifying bid to go to the FIRST Robotics Competition Nationals in Houston. But the team will have to do it with youth this season.

After graduating some of their top minds, the 2019 RoboBroncs are in a rebuilding year with a youth movement. But expectations are high for this group of junior-heavy competitors as they are already underway preparing for the 2019 season.

Josh Byrnes

The 30th year of FIRST Robotics features one of the toughest scenarios ever, Destination: Deep Space presented by Boeing. School-based mentor to the team, Josh Byrnes explained the ‘game’ this year as involving a dual challenge of having to design a multi-tasking robot that can perform two distinct functions.

The Jackson Hole RoboBroncs robot Kirby will have to first install hatch panels on a rocket ship and cargo bay, and then load both with cargo (balls). Giving Kirby two jobs is hard enough—pushing the build team to come up with ways for the robot to handle and install the hatches, as well as pickup and drop-off the balls.

An additional dilemma vexes the programming team. They have to write code that will enable the squad to automate as much of the robot’s movements as possible.

All that work makes a budding scientist-engineer hungry.

So why not join the gang at Hand Fire Pizza Tuesday, January 29, from 5-9pm. Hand Fire Pizza’s Pizza for a Purpose is dedicated to the JH RoboBroncs tomorrow with a portion of the proceeds going to fund this amazing team’s efforts. Eat pizza, support RoboBroncs. Easy, right?

There will be a raffle for a LEGO Robot ($350 value) as well as some RoboBronc swag. Team members will also be there taking orders for RoboBronc beanies, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

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