Jessica Sell Chambers will make another run at Town Council

JACKSON HOLE, WYO –Jessica Chambers announced Saturday at the Teton County Democratic Party Convention that she will again run for a seat on the Jackson Town Council.

Chambers’ run for Town Council in 2016 was stopped short in the general election after she moved on from the primary.

“I see a future Jackson that is whole, complete and compassionate; where all of us—preschool teachers, retirees, housekeepers, restaurant workers, small business owners, nurses, teachers, grocery store workers—can invest in the community. Not everyone has to be able to buy a house here to invest in the community,” Chambers said.

Chambers is the national committeewoman to the Democratic National Committee and Chairwoman of the Progressive Caucus of the Wyoming Democratic Party. She is a part-time teacher.

Chambers has repeatedly and openly shared that she learned the importance of community and social services in a personal way when she was thrust into the role of parenting her two younger brothers after their mom died. She turned the traumatic experience into a life lesson where it has become a catalyst for her current political ambitions. Through it all, Chambers preaches community first and foremost.

“When I look around, it’s that community being pushed out of Jackson as the wealthiest of the wealthy, truly disconnected people move in. We have affordable housing. It’s just affordable for people who make more money than the average Jacksonite, and the working people who make much less. And as time goes on, housing will only be affordable to the wealthiest community members.”

Chambers says she believes Jackson’s community depends on lifting people up, raising the minimum wage to a livable wage so workers can provide for their families and spend time with them.

Other campaign platforms include funding for social services and a robust public transportation system.

The precious physical place that Jackson is, will only be protected by those who are invested in the community, not a transient workforce.

Jessica lives in town with her husband, Reed, a fifth-grade teacher, and her 18-year-old brother, her three-year-old son, and their dog, Mr. Bip.

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