Jackson Hole’s coolest Instagram account you need to follow

JACKSON, WY —Jackson Hole is all over Instagram. Even if you’re a local, you may not have seen this before. The new @WildlyCreativeJH Instagram page reveals a creative side of the valley from behind-the-scenes art experiences to live music and outdoor theater performances.

The new Instagram account has garnered more than 700 followers since its inception in April 2018, and that number keeps quickly growing.

The mission of Wildly Creative JH is to show off the extensive breadth of Jackson Hole’s creative community to the rest of the world. The campaign empowers Jackson’s local artists and creatives, as well as its artistic businesses and organizations, through a “Pass the Access” takeover of the Instagram account.

Each week a different artist or organization takes control of the @WildlyCreativeJH handle and has free rein to express their work, creative perspective and talents to the world. That means every week there’s unique and original content created by Jackson’s very own artists and creatives.

The stories have already been a huge success. Local artist Kathryn Mapes Turner—the page’s first featured artist—detailed her process of painting a bull elk, from sketching in the field to the finished oil on canvas. Local frame shop owner and DJ Rocky Vertone mixed music with animations and video to give a peak into his daily creative routine. Diehl Gallery featured the full unpacking and installation of their exhibition of the 14th Annual Fête, featuring over 40 works of various contemporary artists. Because the Wildly Creative JH campaign offers the “Pass the Access” takeover to local creatives who apply, the calendar of upcoming takeovers is beginning to book up for 2018, ensuring more exciting features to come. Recent, and upcoming takeovers include contemporary dancer and performing artist Luke Zender, award-winning fashion designer Helga Tesar, as well as features from the beloved Grand Teton Music Festival and local culinary masters, Fine Dining Restaurant Group.

With its campaign, Wildly Creative JH aims highlight the stories of Jackson’s creative individuals, organizations, and businesses in an effort to raise awareness and elevate the regional reputation of Jackson Hole as a uniquely creative community and destination.

If you are a local artist, a creative organization or business and have a great idea for a five-day takeover of the Wildly Creative JH Instagram, you can request a simple application from [email protected].

Wildly Creative JH is an initiative led by Center of Wonder and The Center for the Arts with a community Advisory Team and in partnership with the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board.

By highlighting Jackson’s vibrant arts scene, local creatives, and artistic organizations, The Wildly Creative JH Instagram page will keep you at the forefront of local arts and culture.

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Wildly Creative

We live at the intersection of Wild and Creative For generations artists, makers, creatives and explorers have found inspiration in the sweeping geographic and cultural panoramas of Jackson, Wyoming From visual and performing arts, to studio education,

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