The Jackson Hole Chorale invited to Carnegie Hall

 JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Q: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? A: Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse with the Jackson Hole Chorale.

The Chorale is headed to New York City for a special invitational performance of Mozart’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall. Distinguished Concerts International New York City (DCINY) extended the offer to the 36-year-old choir for a show on February 19, 2018 under the baton of Dr. James M. Meaders.

Eight Chorale members will make the trip, representing the community as ambassadors, and will be performing alongside other selected choirs across the USA and Canada.

“The Jackson Hole Chorale received this invitation due to their outstanding music programs demonstrating quality and high-level musicianship,” said Dr. Jonathan Griffith, artistic director and principal conductor for DCINY.

Juline Christofferson, the Chorale board president, commented, “To prepare for this performance, we have been rehearsing the Requiem under Ron Fabry, the Chorale’s gifted and highly certified music director/conductor, whose quest for excellence over the last four years has brought our choir to high levels of distinction. It is due to Ron’s expertise and abilities, developing us into quality singers, that we have the honor to be invited to perform in New York.”

The Chorale singers will spend five days in New York attending rehearsals and preparing for the concert. All participating singers are looking forward to the memorable experience of performing at Carnegie Hall with a renowned conductor and a full orchestra.

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