Jackson Animal Hospital offers discounted dental services in Feb

JACKSON, Wyo. — You might find it surprising that your pet suffers from the same oral health problems that we do. Bad breath can be a sign of more severe dental problems inside your pet’s mouth. Discolored teeth and swollen or bleeding gums can also be indications that your pet’s teeth need to be examined. Thankfully, February is National Pet Dental Month!

For February only, Jackson Animal Hospital is offering 25% off canine and feline dental cleanings, and 25% off full mouth dental radiographs.

Left untreated, dental problems can cause your pet unnecessary pain, loss of appetite, weight loss and can even lead to lung, kidney, liver and heart problems when bacteria builds up and enters the bloodstream. Jackson Animal Hospital provides the highest standard of dental care for dogs and cats- and offers everything from dental cleanings and x-rays to full mouth extractions.

Please call Jackson Animal Hospital today to schedule your pet’s discounted dental, or to discuss your pet’s oral health needs at (307) 201-5700.

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