A message from county commissioner candidate, Christian Beckwith:

JACKSON, Wyo. — In your opinion, is Teton County headed in the right or wrong direction?

Do you live in Teton County for:

A. quality of life
B. business opportunities
C. tax purposes
D. the restaurants, theaters, shopping and other cultural amenities?

Is your top priority in Teton County:

A. workforce housing
B. transportation improvements
C. protection of the ecosystem
D. health and human services?

Your answers to these and other questions could help determine the future of our county. They’re part of a survey put together by Christian Beckwith, a candidate for Teton County Commissioner.

“Our elected officials should represent the interests of Teton County residents,” said Beckwith. “Sometimes it’s difficult to get a clear picture of what our community wants and needs from news headlines and social media feeds.”

To help develop a better understanding of public sentiment, and to capture voters’ priorities, Beckwith has developed a one-minute survey, which you can see here: https://forms.gle/xVbqzNGhz8SXxhfV7.

All community members regardless of party affiliation, age, gender, and race are encouraged to take the survey. Survey responses are anonymous. The survey closes October 1.

Tell your candidate for Teton County Commission what you care about, and the issues you would like to see him address. Take the survey.

To learn more about Christian Beckwith’s positions, visit www.christianbeckwith.com.