IRS grants extra day for tax filing after system meltdown yesterday

WYOMING – Admitting that a glitch in the electronic filing system yesterday made it all but impossible for taxpayers to file digitally on deadline day, the Internal Revenue Service announced it is providing taxpayers an additional day to file and pay their taxes.

Systemwide issues surfaced early on the April 17 tax deadline and persisted for most of the day. Throughout the system outage, taxpayers were still able to file their tax returns electronically through their software providers and Free File.

The IRS encountered system issues Tuesday morning. Taxpayers using paper to file and pay their taxes at the deadline were not affected by the system issue.

“This is the busiest tax day of the year, and the IRS apologizes for the inconvenience this system issue caused for taxpayers,” said Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter. “The IRS appreciates everyone’s patience during this period. The extra time will help taxpayers affected by this situation.”

Individuals and businesses with a filing or payment due date of April 17 will now have until midnight on Wednesday, April 18. Taxpayers do not need to do anything to receive this extra time.

The IRS advised taxpayers to continue to file their taxes as normal Tuesday evening—whether electronically or on paper. Automatic six-month extensions are available to taxpayers who need additional time to file can visit

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