ICE in JH over the weekend, four picked up on immigration charges

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Barely more than a week after local authorities vowed to worried foreign-born residents of the valley that no one from Immigration would be knocking on doors looking for them, ICE was in town last weekend and left with at least four Mexican-born men.

On Saturday, April 1, authorities from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) picked up Emmanuel Ochoa-Ramirez, 18; Edgardo Gaonoa-Labra, 21; and Armando Montiel-Garcia, 26. Those three were placed in holding status at the county jail while Daniel Moses Machuca-Salmoran, 26, was nabbed on Sunday.

Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Todd Stanyon referred all inquiries to ICE. Calls to the Casper and Denver regional offices were not returned.

Elisabeth Trefonas, whose law firm has represented numerous clients on immigration matters, said she was aware of the detainees and was not concerned any kind of overstep had taken place. She said one of the men in question had been a former client so she knew details about why he was probably captured. Trefonas said she has a good relationship with agents from the Casper office of ICE, and was confident the men picked up by ICE had criminal backgrounds or were in the US illegally, or both.

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