House Minority Floor Leader introduces three bills targeting worker equality

WYOMING – Democratic Representative Cathy Connolly (HD-13) has introduced three new pieces of legislation designed to decrease the gender wage gap and increase wage transparency.

House Bills 71, 72, and 84 address equal-pay penalties, wage transparency, and wage equality for Wyoming workers, and will go before the House Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee Monday afternoon.

Cathy Connolly

“Wyoming consistently has one of the worst gender wage gaps, and we can do better,” Connolly said. “I’m thrilled to introduce these bills to not only address that gap, but also to protect workers and hold companies accountable for treating all employees equally.”

HB71 adjusts equal-pay violation penalties to a maximum of $500, an increase from the current fine scale of $25-$200.

HB72 prohibits employers from “barring an employee from disclosing wage information,” and from retaliating against any employee who discloses their wage.

HB84 calls for pay rate adjustments to achieve pay equity between equally qualified male and female employees.

“Many companies have been incentivized to come here, and they’ve been rewarded with the hard work of countless Wyoming women and men,” Connolly continued. “These workers deserve to be paid fairly, and that’s what these bills will ensure.”

The House Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee is expected to hear the bills upon adjournment of regular House business Monday afternoon.

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