Horse keeping workshops promote happy horses and clean water

Jackson, WY – Any horse owner can tell you that a big part of caring for their horses is managing manure and pests and dealing with drainage and runoff (i.e. mud). A well-maintained horse property is not only great for horses, but it’s also good for water quality. Recognizing this mutual benefit between horses and water, Teton Conservation District is offering free workshops and funding to implement projects that benefit horses and their owners.

Join Horses for Clean Water, Teton Conservation District, and the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition at the Teton County Fair for a series of free workshops on basic horse keeping, simple solutions for pest control, and mud and manure management. The workshops will be held from 12 pm to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 4 pm on Thursday, July 25th under the Big Top Tent at the Teton County Fair. Here is a detailed description of the workshops.

Photo courtesy of Alayne Blickle.

The workshops will be led by Alayne Blickle, a life-long equestrian, educator, and director of Horses for Clean Water. The acclaimed program works to care for horses and land in ways that are gentle on the environment, healthy for horses, and easy for horse owners.

Teton Conservation District is bringing Blickle to Jackson to start a conversation on how they can help alleviate challenges horse owners face. Carlin Girard, Water Resources Specialist at Teton Conservation District, said, “As Jackson Hole continues to grow, we need to reduce our collective impact to protect our streams, river, and groundwater. We want to hear from horse owners about the strategies they are using or would like to implement on their properties—things like fencing and pest, mud and manure management, or any sort of corral or land improvements.”

In addition to the workshops, Blickle will be visiting a handful corrals across the valley to meet with local horse owners one-on-one. Teton Conservation District is offering funding for corral owners to implement corral improvements or strategies that decrease runoff, improve horse health, and support water quality.

To learn more about funding opportunities, join us at the workshops or email

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