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JACKSON HOLE, WYO – As an archeologist by training, Rebecca Sgouros has dug up a lot of culture in her time. One thing she has found consistent, from era to era and epoch to epoch, in all her exploration is society’s love of tea.

Rebecca Sgouros

During her travels throughout the world, Sgouros has made a habit of sampling a vast variety of teas and tea rituals. As archeologists are prone to do, Sgouros began collecting (if not hoarding) these teas and teawares. She soon found she had so much stuff she had better open a shop and share it with the community. Or maybe she ran out of room at home.

Either way, welcome to Tea Hive. Founded late last year, Tea Hive offers selections of high quality, carefully crafted teas and associated products related to the brewing, sipping, and enjoyment of tea. Primarily a monthly subscription box company, Tea Hive curates themed collections of unique teas that showcase the huge amount of variety in preparation, flavor, presentation, and cultural significance for teas around the world.

Carefully curated boxes are crafted for those who don’t have a lot of experience with different types of tea, those who want to know more about tea, or those who simply love all teas and enjoy the surprise of having amazing selections delivered to their door.

In addition to subscription boxes, Tea Hive is an online artisanal marketplace selling products to enhance the tea drinking experience and to flaunt your inner tea-nerd. Tea Hive also hosts pop-up shops selling themed sets and a-la carte offerings within the community.

“We seek to offer the best products that our clients might not find on their own,” Sgouros says. “From small-batch to small town, we believe that there are countless amazing artisanal products out there that we seek to connect to our clientele. Tea Hive has had a great beginning. We have enthusiastic partners around the world, some of whom have never sold in the US before.”

One question Sgouros gets a lot: What’s your favorite tea? She’ll never admit to just one (there are so many to choose from) but she’s never sipped a rose flavored tea she didn’t like.