Highway Patrol boosts Trooper Hauser to lieutenant

WYOMING – There’s a new Lieutenant in town as of March 1, 2018.

Torrington area Trooper Travis Hauser was recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by Colonel Kebin Haller. Lt. Hauser has been appointed the new Division “I” supervisor that covers Fremont County and will oversee operations in the Lander and Riverton areas. Lt. Hauser has been with Patrol since August of 2007.

Lt. Hauser is a WHP veteran with a proven track record for quality work and strong leadership abilities. Those who know Lt. Hauser easily recognize his enthusiasm and high level of passion for the WHP while always remaining humble.

Lt. Hauser replaces Lt. Lee Pence, who transferred to lead Division “N” in the Cody and Powell areas.

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