High School art project will exhibit at NMWA

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Students from Jackson Hole High School have created original artwork and curated an exhibit, Endangered Worlds, which is scheduled for unveiling this weekend at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle by junior Corah Pitman Miller.

Jackson Hole High School student curators Corah Pitman Miller, Lyla Kirkpatrick, Sophie Jensen, and Lia Kluegel issued a statement: “The mission of the National Museum of Wildlife Art is to bring appreciation and awareness of wildlife through art. The goal of Endangered Worlds is to accomplish the same idea in a new and unique way brought forth by the art students of Jackson Hole High School. Each student picked a country at random, and chose an endangered animal from that country for their art piece. We hope this project will bring awareness to endangered species and show that they exist in every country on our planet.”

NMWA stated in a release: “The National Museum of Wildlife Art is dedicated to displaying student art in a professional setting. We are proud to partner with young artists, and their teacher Shannon Borrego, for this exhibition that inspires conversation and understanding of animals in jeopardy of extinction.”

The exhibition, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and the Smart Family Fund, will be on display February 3-25, with a public opening on Sunday, February 4, from 11am to 2pm.

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