Headless dead ducks found at school, case now solved

CODY, WYO – Last month, South Fork game warden Grant Gerharter responded to a report of multiple ducks killed and left in front of the Valley Elementary School. What made the case really creepy was the fact several of the ducks were missing their heads, and there was a blood smear left behind on the side of the building.

Gerharter caught a break in the investigation when he learned the school had security cameras posted on the grounds. He reviewed the footage and sure enough, there was the sick and twisted duck-killing culprit—two, in fact.

Gerharter watched as two owls killed the ducks. He even saw what caused the blood smear on the side of the building. As one of the owls flew off it dropped a duck and its body slammed into the side of the school building.

Knowing that owls commonly consume the brain and/or head of their prey first because it is high in fat and nutrients, Gerharter knew he had solved the mystery. He believes it was two juvenile owls sharpening their hunting skills.

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