JACKSON, Wyo. — Today is a numerical anomaly, and happens to fall on a Tuesday.

Feb. 22, 2022  — or, 2/22/2022, has all sorts of numerical significance. It’s a palindrome, so it’s the same no matter which way you write it. That’s true even if you write it according to more global standards, with the day first: 22-02-2022. And Tuesday is the second day of the working week, so it’s also a fun play on words.

Such an anomaly won’t happen again for another 400 years, according to the National Weather Service.

But in Wyoming’s 22nd county, Twosday is even more significant. Teton County was founded just over a century ago, in 1921 (so close!), and county residents frequently celebrate the number 22. It adorns our license plates, our memorabilia, even our skin, in some cases.

Town Councilor Jim Rooks shared a photo of his and wife Ruth Moran’s license plate today: 22 county, 22 plates.

Today also happens to be National Margarita Day, if you need something else to celebrate.

So happy Twosday, Teton County! Show us your 22 pride by tagging us or sending photos. We might repost!


Shannon is a Wyoming-raised writer and reporter. She just completed a master's in journalism from Boston University. Jackson shaped her into an outdoorswoman, but a love for language and the human condition compels her to write. She believes there's no story too small to tell nor adventure too small to take.