JACKSON, Wyo.— Halloween is just a few days away and the Town of Jackson, the Jackson Police Department and the Jackson/ Teton County Animal Shelter want everyone to enjoy fun and safe Halloween celebrations.

The following tips and information are reminders about safety during the Halloween festivities.

Do it Safe

  • Motorists should be overly cautious. It’s up to you. Children sometimes forget to watch for cars and might dart out of the darkness or from between cars into the roadway.
  • Parents should strongly consider accompanying children while they are trick or treating.
  • Parents should inspect all candy before their children eat it and not allow them to eat any homemade items or any candy that is not in its original packaging.
  • Parents, it looks like a wintery Halloween eve so please dress your children appropriately for the weather.
  • Children should wear costumes with reflective material and carry a light or glow stick to increase visibility.
  • Children should never enter into a residence or get into a vehicle without their parent’s permission.

Pets are not to be forgotten on Halloween either. The Jackson/ Teton County Animal Shelter reminds everyone that animals don’t have any idea what Halloween is all about. How are they going to react when noisy, costumed children come running up to your door?  The shelter reminds you to play it safe:

  • Keep your animals in a secure location where you don’t have to worry about them being scared, or dashing out the door, or feeling the need to protect you from witches and devils.
  • Make sure that they can’t get into the treats you’ll be providing; your pets shouldn’t ingest sugar, and chocolate in particular can be very harmful.

Take some basic precautions with your animals to make sure that everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday. If your animal should happen to go missing on Halloween, remember to call the Animal Shelter on Monday to see if it was taken there for safekeeping. Your friends at the local animal shelter wish everyone, two-legged or four-legged, a safe and happy Halloween!

Do it smart

It has been a centuries’ long tradition for Halloween to be a time of pranks. As years progressed, however, those pranks took the form of nothing less than vandalism.

Jackson Hole Crimestoppers urges Halloween revelers to temper their activities with common sense. Halloween activities should be fun and not harmful. A prank that results in damage is a criminal act.

If you see others engaging in inappropriate behavior, report it to authorities immediately by calling 307-733-2331. If you cannot report it immediately, call Crimestoppers at 307-733-5148 when you return home.