For fresh, glowing, healthy-looking skin all summer long, let us help! We often get asked how to layer skincare products properly so they actually serve their purpose. Do we put sunscreen on first or last? Does the serum come before the moisturizer? What about the oil? Here, we are listing our favorite products and how to use them for face, body and hair.

The Face

The change of seasons means making tweaks to your face’s skincare routine. For some that means more hydration. For others that means amping up the exfoliation. For everyone, here are the steps you should take in your routine: (1) cleanse with Ignae Daily Enzyme Cleanser, (2) spritz a toner or mist like Venn Synbiotic Defense Mist, (3) add serum like Monastery Flora Botanical Cream Serum, (4) hydrate with Irene Forte Aloe Face Cream + (5) finish with a face oil like African Botanics Neroli Infused Manula Oil. Pro tip: 1-2x a week add an exfoliant treatment like La Fervance Gommage as it leaves a gorgeous shine on your skin after it has safely removed all of the dead skin + impurities.

After your skincare routine, if you love the look of the glowing, clean girl makeup trend, get it here using makeup favorite from Westman Atelier. 

The Body

For dry, itchy skin (and you know we all get it especially when seasons change), wash with Venn’s Synbiotic Polyamine Body Wash enriched with a proprietary combination of probiotics + prebiotic to help balance skin’s microbiome, and polyamine from soybeans to deeply nourish the skin. Follow with Prima’s Beyond Body Oil loaded with squalane, helichrysum + magnesium to lock in moisture and improve skin’s resilience. Finish with Esker’s Body Plane which removes dead skin cells, promotes lymphatic circulation + breaking up fascia that gives the appearance of cellulite.

The Hair

For those soft and silky locks, the Agent Nateur Hair(silk) Peptides Soft Hydrating Hair is a dreamy way to add gentle moisture into your hair without weighing it down.

Have questions about achieving your best skincare routine or combating your skincare issues? Stop in the store to chat more.