GTNP rescuing climber who spent the night in the Tetons

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK, WY — Grand Teton National Park is working to rescue an injured climber who spent the night in the Tetons last night.

GNTP spokesperson Denise Germann said the climber’s party called for help late Wednesday evening (a Buckrail photographer talked to the climber’s party at roughly 9:15 p.m.; they were descending into Lupine Meadows). The climber slipped on ice and injured her leg. She is unable to walk out on her own. But high winds prevented the helicopter from reaching her for a short-haul rescue, so a ranger stayed with the climber overnight on the saddle between the Middle and the South Teton.

Rescue crews are determining the best course of action to get her out safely. Ground crews are on their way to her, but they might also try to send the helicopter again if the winds permit. Crews are hoping to get her out safely this morning.

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