Jenny Lake Lodge - Jackson Lake Lodge
Jenny Lake Lodge. Photo: E. Helton, NPS

JACKSON, Wyo. — The National Park Service is seeking public comment on Grand Teton Lodge Company’s concessions contract, due to expire at the end of 2021.

The NPS is considering what visitor services to require or authorize in the next concessions contract, which has an anticipated effective date of January 1, 2022.

In addition, NPS is working on an environmental assessment (EA) that examines potential new construction and facility improvements that may be included in the prospectus. Improvements would include constructing additional concession employee housing, installing fire protection enhancements, improving accessibility improvements, adding amenities at campgrounds, reconfiguring food and beverage services, and relocating a concessioner-operated warehouse.

Under the existing contract, Grand Teton Lodge Company provides a wide range of visitor services such as lodging, food and beverage services, retail, marina operations, campgrounds, guided horseback rides, guided fishing trips, and guided float trips at several locations in the park. The current contract expires December 31, 2021.

The proposed project is under consideration because a need has been identified for changes to services, operations, and facilities associated with the concessions contract. Although no expansion of commercial services or increases in capacity for overnight accommodations have occurred, day use visitation continues to increase.

The increase in the number of visitors has resulted in increased need for concessioner services, along with a need for more concessioner employees and employee housing.

Colter Bay Cabins. Photo: E. Helton, NPS

Potential changes to the contract for consideration include:

  • Employee housing at Jenny Lake Lodge, Jackson Lake Lodge and Colter Bay Village
  • Fire protection enhancement at several locations in Jenny Lake Lodge, Jackson Lake Lodge, and Colter Bay Village
  • Accessibility improvements at Colter Bay Marina and Elk Island
  • Reconfiguration of food and beverage service at Jackson Lake Lodge
  • Improved amenities at campgrounds
  • Relocation of concessioner-operated warehouse from one in-park location to another

To comment, visit the NPS website. Or submit in writing to: Grand Teton National Park, Planning Office, P.O. Box 170, Moose, Wyo 83012. Comments should be submitted or postmarked by June 22, 2020.