Governor Gordon proclaims Economic Development Week

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Earlier this month, Governor Mark Gordon proclaimed May 9 to 15, 2021 as Economic Development Week in Wyoming. The aim of the week is to recognize the positive efforts of economic developers along with the work community and business leaders do to enhance local economic impact. The Governor signed the Economic Development Week Proclamation virtually on Wednesday, May 5.

“Economic development is critical to the productivity and sustainability of the State of Wyoming and its people; and that Wyoming values the work and partnerships necessary to make our communities more attractive and vibrant places to live,” stated the proclamation.

Governor Gordon expressed how economic development determines the well-being and quality of life in Wyoming for businesses and communities.

“Wyoming is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and an adventurous lifestyle. Economic development helps add value to Wyoming’s potential through business recruitment and existing business expansion, entrepreneurial development, and collaboration between business and industry, community organizations, government entities, and stakeholders,” said the Governor.

Josh Dorrell, CEO of the Wyoming Business Council, explained how crucial economic development is for the state’s economic stability and security.

“Economic development impacts are felt when you walk down your Main Street and see people shopping and dining local, admire the clean streets and sense of place, and know your community has the services you and your family need to be safe, healthy, and prosperous,” said Dorrell.

“Economic developers and community leaders work hand-in-hand every day to help their towns and cities thrive and be more resilient. To realize these benefits takes time, commitment, facilitation, and buy-in. Economic Development Week is the perfect opportunity to say “Thank You!” and showcase these valuable partnerships and day-to-day efforts.”

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