Governor launches budget transparency website

WYOMING – Governor Mark Gordon today announced the launch of Wyoming Sense, a budget transparency website that offers the public an easy way to access information about his recommended state budget.

Site visitors can dive into the allocation of dollars to all state agencies and gain an understanding of the different funding streams that each utilizes. The Governor sees the website as a valuable tool for taxpayers, allowing them to better understand how public funds are used.

Wyoming Sense will provide Wyoming citizens insight and clarity to our budgeting process, which can sometimes be confusing,” Governor Gordon said. “This initiative continues my efforts to increase transparency of our state government. It makes sense for Wyoming’s citizens to know and understand who provides Wyoming’s income, and how taxpayer dollars are being spent.”

During the political race for governor in 2018, some challengers (particularly Foster Friess) made campaign issues of fiduciary duty and fiscal transparency. Former state treasurer Gordon and current treasurer Curt Meier both promised early in 2019 to answer those challenges.

Wyoming Sense provides a picture of Governor Gordon’s proposed budget for the 2021-22 biennium, breaking down spending by General, Federal and Other funds. This breakdown is available for each agency budget and is accompanied by a narrative that includes an overview of the agency’s structure as well as the services each provides to Wyoming citizens.

Once the Legislature approves any changes to the Governor’s budget proposal, Wyoming Sense will be updated to reflect those changes. The 2020 Legislative Session is scheduled to run from February 10 to March 12.

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