JACKSON HOLE, WYO – GLOW Nights was the talk of the Village last winter. The temporary art installation drew rave reviews at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and, building on the success of the program, Jackson Hole Public Art announced the concept is expanding to downtown Jackson as well this winter.

That’s where you come in. Provided you are an artist with a unique idea for the high-profile public art showing again planned for 2019-20.

JH Public Art is seeking proposals for temporary 3D, light-based artworks inspired by the unique phenomena, flora, and fauna of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for GLOW Nights installation at the world-famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and in historic downtown Jackson. Think mudpots, megafauna, calderas, hot springs, and dramatic vistas of the GYE; that will get the selection committee’s attention best, according to insiders.

Outlandish and far-fetched ideas are encouraged, as these will shine the brightest in people’s memories of this winter wonderland. Bottom line: Just go for it!

GLOW Nights installations are displayed from December 2019 through January 2020 at the base of the Mountain Resort and, this winter, in downtown Jackson.

To ensure a high level of quality and function at extreme temperatures, Hughes Productions will be lending a hand this technical consultation time and equipment to support the lighting elements. Installations will be celebrated with two free family-friendly, celebrations—one in town and one in Teton Village.

Interested artists can find the opportunity listed on the Western States Arts Federation CAFÉ site. There is no cost to register your profile on CAFÉ and you can update it at any time. JH Public Art will charge a $5 administration fee to submit proposals for consideration.

Proposals are by September 6, 2019. An information meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 28 from 5-6 pm, Center for the Arts Conference room

Invited artists will receive $500 to develop their concept. Approved concepts will receive $2,500 for design, fabrication, installation, shipping. Up to $2,500 in technical lighting support and equipment will be provided for each artist.