Give the gift of Green Power

This Holiday Season, give the gift of inspiration by giving Green Power through Lower Valley Energy. As part of their push to encourage community-wide use of Green Power, Energy Conservation Works has embarked on a campaign that allows Teton County Residents to “gift” Green Power in the giving spirit of the holidays.

What exactly do you give someone with a gift of Green Power? Thanks to Lower Valley Energy’s Green Power program, participants can purchase a “package” of 100% renewable energy to be used by a recipient in their home or business. For $25, Teton County residents can gift one month (for the average Teton County Home) of carbon free, clean energy to anyone on the Lower Valley Energy Grid.

And it only takes about two minutes to execute. Last-minute gift givers, this is the answer to your prayers. In just two minutes, from your couch, you can give a gift that literally helps save the world.

Representatives from Energy Conservation Works believe that the gift is significantly more than just a block of Green Power.

“For ECW, this gift embodies more than a token of appreciation. When you gift Green Power, you give the recipient the opportunity to take tangible action towards addressing an issue faced by everyone in this valley: climate change,” said ECW Program Coordinator Henry Sollitt.

The goal of this campaign is to engage and inform more members of the community about the energy choice they have, and to then convert them to 100% Green Power customers. Energy Conservation Works partnered with Lower Valley Energy in September of 2017, launching an effort to increase participation in the Green Power program. Since that time hundreds of residents and business owners have chosen to switch their power to Green sources. You can join the movement with institutions like Grand Teton National Park, the Town of Jackson and Teton County in supporting 100% Green Power. Now, you can also invite your friends by giving them the Gift of Green Power.

“We believe that this gift symbolizes the act of taking the most difficult step towards addressing any problem: the first step,” Sollitt said. “We hope that such action inspires our friends and our community to make the decisions that help the sustainability of Jackson Hole, like choosing renewable energy.”

Inspire others with the gift of action this holiday season by giving green power here.

You can also pamper yourself and sign up for 100% Green Power.

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