Get your kid into the groove this year!

JACKSON, WY – Do you have a young one who loves to move? Enrollment is open at Dancers’ Workshop. Classes include ballet, modern, boys club, creative movement, and the return of the ever-popular hip hop classes for kids and teens.

The pitter-patter of little ballet shoe clad feet, hallway chatter and music floating from the studios… it’s that time of year again! Fall classes begin September 9.

Kids who dance experience vast physical and emotional benefits (hello mood-boosting endorphins!). When students enter the dance classroom, they can expect to think creatively, work hard, and build their movement skills through playful trial and error and repetition. Why not give your child the courage to confront their limitations safely and with encouragement? The fun and learning begins for students as young as two years old with Dancers’ Workshop’s Mommy & Me class (dads welcome, too!).

It’s never been easier to get started. This year, parents will notice simpler class names (just know your child’s age in September and you’re good to go!) and an easier and more streamlined online registration. Get your kid into a meaningful groove this year with Dancers’ Workshop.


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Dancers’ Workshop

Dancers’ Workshop is a center for movement and dance education, performance and outreach We are a dance school, a presenter and a commissioner of new work

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