Gas leaks at Karns Meadow

JACKSON, Wyo. — Jackson Hole Fire/EMS responded to a gas leak at the Karns Meadow house Tuesday morning.

Upon arrival, responders recognized the hazard of a chlorine gas leak and called the Region 8 Regional Emergency Response Team (RERT). Team members geared up in Level A hazmat suits to enter the house. Two compressed cylinders of chlorine gas were turned off and gas levels were monitored to ensure the leak had been terminated.

Responders worked for two hours to ensure public and responder safety. No area evacuations were required. The Town of Jackson’s Public Works staff provided critical information for the mitigation crew throughout the event.

“This was a very high-risk incident,” said Battalion Chief Fire Marshal Kathy Clay. “Having the well-trained and ready Region 8 team here in Teton County provided the safest and quickest mitigation to this chlorine gas leak.

The Region 8 Response Team consists of 17 multiagency members who receive specialized training for hazardous material incidents and bomb threats.

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