Game and Fish to offer large carnivore workshops next week

WYOMING – Would you know what to do if you suddenly encountered a grizzly bear while hiking? What if a black bear entered your camp looking for food?  How would you react if you were surprised by a mountain lion in your back yard?

“It’s a good time to begin thinking about large carnivore safety while you’re gearing up for all your spring and summer outdoor activities,” said Dan Thompson, Game and Fish large carnivore section supervisor. “Preparation and awareness regarding safety and conflict avoidance is just as important as planning any other aspect of your fishing, camping, or hiking trip.”

Game and Fish will offer its Large Carnivore Safety workshop next week at two locations—Game and Fish Lander Regional Office, and the Dubois Headwaters Arts and Conference Center. At each workshop, Game and Fish large carnivore managers will present information about bear, mountain lion, and wolf ecology, and how people can avoid encounters, or what people should do in an encounter with a large carnivore.

Both seminars will take place from 5:30-7:30 pm. The Lander workshop will be April 3. The Dubois workshop will be on April 4. Seminars are free and open to people of all ages. Call the Lander Regional Office at 307-332-2688 with any questions.

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