JACKSON, Wyo. — It’s definitely not news that Dancers’ Workshop (DW) offers some of the most excellent, inspiring movement classes all year long! From strength-enhancing yoga and pilates to heart-pumping Zumba and beyond, the downtown organization’s Adult Wellness offerings create daily opportunities for exciting and restorative movement. (You can check out the full lineup here.)

Two new instructors have recently joined the DW team, and are thrilled to offer even more opportunities to move your body into a new level of wellness with the power of Pilates.

Mary Pantone started her Pilates journey 12 years ago in Ogden, Utah. She was originally using it as an outlet to stay fit, but soon realized Pilates was so much more than that and decided to pursue it as a career. Pilates has supported her through both neck and hip surgery and has given her an incredible amount of body awareness and confidence. Over the last five years, she has geared her focus towards rehabilitative Pilates Therapy. Mary believes pilates can change your life and is passionate about teaching others how they can live wholly within their bodies. She is certified by P.M.A, Peak Pilates and Stott Pilates. She also possesses a Certificate of Injuries and Special populations and muscle energy technique (M.E.T). Join Mary for one of her Pilates Quad Classes and feel all the benefits

Dr. Jess Grim has also joined the Pilates team! Growing up as a member of a performing arts dance company, Jess has been a lover of body movement since a young age. Jess strives to provide injury prevention and education in group fitness classes and aims to create a positive movement experience that leaves your body feeling nourished rather than depleted. Dr. Grim’s extensive credentials include: Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Comprehensive Pilates Training through Polestar Pilates, Pilates for Neurological Conditions through The Neuro Studio, Heman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Certification, 200 Hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 100 Hr 26+2 Hot Certification, 50 Hr Barre Certified and 20 Hr Yoga Sculpt. Check out the schedule and reserve your next class here!

In addition to these beloved ongoing classes, some brand new specialty workshops are on the horizon, and they’re ones you definitely don’t want to miss! (Insider tip: reserve your space early, and mark your calendar now — these are bound to be phenomenal experiences.)

Spice Up Your Salsa

As the weather cools down, are you looking for a way to keep your date night hot? Look no further than Dancers’ Workshop’s upcoming Salsa Cubana 5-week Workshop. You’ll have a great time learning the fundamentals of Cuban Salsa — with a focus on rhythm, basic steps and turns this class has absolutely everything you need to spice up the dance floor next time you’re out! No partner is needed, and after class, stick around for a free 15-minute practice sesh — the instructors will be on hand to answer any questions you’ve got before you spice up the dance floor! 

If you’ve already got some Salsa Cubana skills under your belt but want to level up, drop a note to the instructors and see if the Level 2 class might be a better fit. Get in touch or register here!

Tropical Traditions

If the dipping temperatures have you dreaming of warm, sunny beaches and swaying palm trees, get a tantalizing taste of French Polynesia with an introduction to Ori Tahiti dance with instructor Pili Schulte. This beginner-friendly, two-day workshop on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 12 and 13, blends the irresistible rhythms and storytelling of French Polynesian culture to create an active and fun style of dancing. This upbeat dance form is not only for entertainment but is traditionally linked to spirituality, lineage and more recently competition. The class will cover basic hip and feet movements coupled with fun and flair. Learn more and reserve your space here!

Leaning In & Lifting Up

Join Amy “Ray” Kingwill in a movement series exploring dance under the lens of Contact Improvisation. During each class, participants will focus on getting acquainted with their bodies, what they are interested in and needing on that particular day, as well as investing in becoming aware and relating to the space, surfaces and people all around. The class will explore how bodies can give and receive weight, following sensation and seeking flow as dances are exchanged with each dance partner. Basic Modern/Release Technique and healthy movement concepts will also be offered to support dances. 

The series, on Friday evenings, Nov. 4, 11 and 18 is open to all levels and no partner is needed. No previous dance experience is required, but a willingness to try new things and an openness to consenual non-sexual touch is. 

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a form of improvised dancing in constant evolution since its origins in 1972. Steve Paxton, along with other CI pioneers, developed this dance form based on his experience in Aikido. CI involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch and movement awareness. It plays with the artistry and sport of falling off balance, counterbalance, finding the shelves of the body and learning the mechanics of the body in order to handle someone else’s weight or be lifted. Get more information and register here