TETON COUNTY, Wyo. — Election season is off to an early start in Teton County.

Yesterday evening, residents and voters tuned in as members of the local media delivered questions to the candidates for the Teton County Board of County Commissioners, County Assessor and the Clerk of District Court.

The forum began with statements from Democrat Assessor candidates Zane Aukee and Melissa Shinkle followed by statements from Commissioner Mark Newcomb and Commissioner Luther Propst who currently hold office and are running for re-election.

“I put an incredibly high value on our community’s character, its heritage, its natural resources,” said Commissioner Newcomb. “I believe some appropriate side boards hammered out with community input can help protect our community character, our heritage, clean air, clean water, wildlife and opportunities for outdoor recreation.”

Commissioner Propst spoke to his commitment to being a public servant for Teton County.

“I do much more than prepare for meeting, I’m fortunate enough to be able to go the extra mile,” said Commissioner Propst.

Next, Republican candidates for County Commissioner were asked an array of questions to which they responded on a rotating basis. Each candidate was allowed a minute and a half to respond. Candidates Peter Long, Kasey Mateosky, Alex Muromcew, and Tom Segerstrom were asked to speak about the motives of their candidacy, property taxes, the Northern South Park Neighborhood Plan, Tribal Trails, building and development, water quality and tourism in Jackson Hole.

To conclude the forum, candidates for the Clerk of District Court, Brian Hultman and Anne Comeaux Sutton, answered questions pertaining to the duties they would fulfill in their potential role as clerk.

To view yesterday’s forum in full click here.

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