JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Rules governing those who live in deed restricted housing, and to what standards that housing is built, are scheduled to be reviewed by the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners on July 23.

Key topics that will be discussed include:

  • Should all adults residing in a restricted unit (other than approved renters) be required to be on title to the home?
  • Should owners of affordable units be required to wait one year before moving another person in with them?
  • Should the minimum occupancy requirements be changed?
  • If a homeowner meets the minimum employment requirement of 1,560 hours worked per year at a local business, should he or she be required to occupy their home a minimum of 10 months per year?
  • How should a local business be defined for the purpose of determining whether a household is locally employed?
  • Should there be any other school positions included in the definition of “teacher” such as counselor, front desk personnel, early childhood caretakers, etc.?
  • Recommended changes to the deed restriction templates.

The meeting will begin at 1:30pm, July 23 at the County Administration building located 200 S. Willow in the Commissioner’s chambers. Members of the public who have interest in these items are encouraged to attend the meeting and to provide feedback directly to the elected officials.