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STAR VALLEY, WYO – It takes a village to save a herd.

They were on their way to work. They were just passing by. Probably they had better things to do or more urgent matters to attend to. But this is what we do in Wyoming. This is classic “Star Valley Pride.”

Kudos to those who cared, stopped, and got involved the other day when folks noticed a bunch of elk that had broken through the ice in the Pallisades Reservoir. They were drowning and certainly would have died when their strength gave out in the cold water.

But volunteers jumped in. Someone with a shovel, someone with a tamping/digger bar, someone with a rope. Before long, all 15 elk were saved.

Devan Wayne Thornock was one of the first on the scene. He posted on Facebook: “I was so glad to be able and save these elk today. Huge thanks to everyone who helped! Share to help spread the word and to keep an eye out for elk that fall through the ice because I know that most of the amazing people in Star Valley will stop what they are doing to help! Today was an amazing experience. Glad all of us saved everyone of the elk that fell through the ice.”

Kayla May added: “I just wanted to come here and say we have some very amazing people here in the valley! 15 elk were drowning in Palisades, because they had fallen through the ice. My little brother and his boss and other people including the police department got them all out!! Makes my heart Happy!! Thanks all of you!! Also please share and show your appreciation.”