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TCSD Board of Trustees will discuss mask requirements tomorrow, Jan. 1 at 5 p.m. Photo: Vera Davidova

DRIGGS, Idaho. — The Driggs City Council will consider requiring masks again, announced Mayor of Driggs Hyrum Johnson in a newsletter released today.

The Driggs City Council will meet this evening, Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. for a regular meeting. A portion of the meeting is allocated to discussing COVID-19 matters, as needed.

“Though as Mayor I am no fan of mandates, the Driggs City Council will consider requiring masks again.  This is due to the unprecedented pressure on our healthcare system, where nearly 99% of cases are unvaccinated individuals and Idaho is running out of ICU beds,” Johnson said.

Johnson urged his community to get vaccinated and focused his newsletter on personal responsibility above personal freedom.

“Much of the opposition to masks and COVID vaccines has focused on the individual, and personal freedom.  As your Mayor, I believe it’s time to talk about the flip side of the personal freedom coin, Personal Responsibility.  One can’t have one without the other.” Johnson said.

He went on to quote the preamble of the constitution and President John F. Kennedy, pointing out that many American ideals are not based on the individual

“A discussion of Personal Freedom in the United States of America must include our personal obligation to the common good, to our community, and to each other,” he said.

“So how does this relate to masks and COVID?  Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated isn’t a question of individual freedoms, political beliefs, or debating the science.  It is about what we can each do for the common good; for our neighbors, family, and friends,” Johnson said.

Currently, in the City of Driggs, masks must be worn in all city facilities, effective Aug. 26. There is also an order requiring “every person within a public or private place must comply with a request of the owner, proprietor, or manager to wear a face-covering which covers the nose and mouth if this requirement is posted in a conspicuous location.”

Penalties for noncompliance may include, Misdemeanor disturbing the peace, trespass, and/or civil fines of $100.

As of Aug. 27, Masks are required in the City of Victor in all public places, regardless of vaccination status.

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