JACKSON, WYO – Wednesday morning at 11:30am Peter Rork aka “Pilot Peter” founder and chief pilot of Dog is My Copilot, landed at the Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport, with him 44 dogs on an adventure for new homes. Peter is relocating the dogs from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control center in Phoniex, AZ. Driggs was not his first or his last stop of the day today, first stop was in Utah where a receiving agency took 25 of the 69 dogs. Wednesday afternoon he was headed to Spokane, WA as his final destination on this relocation mission. Peter donates 100% of his time, flying 2 flights a week April through October.

Photo: Buckrail // Sarah Averill

Dog Is My CoPilot is a 501(c)3 organization that transports at risk animals from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers in other geographic regions where loving families are waiting to adopt the animals. They provide air transportation services at no cost to the shelters and adoption centers they partner with. Starting in 2012, this week they flew their 12,000th animal to safety.

“We want our Jackson community to remember to choose to adopt your new family member! Partnering together with rescue groups like the Animal Adoption Center ensures each animal waiting in an overcrowded shelter has the chance to find a home, and we are proud to be working together to save more lives.” said Dr. Peter Rork, President and Chief Pilot for Dog Is My CoPilot. 

Photo: Buckrail // Sarah Averill

The Animal Adoption Center is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education and spay/neuter. Since their inception in 2004, the AAC has rescued and found loving homes for more than 3,600 animals and has spayed or neutered more than 12,000 across the state of Wyoming.

“Transport partners like Dog is My CoPilot play a critical role in the national rescue effort. We are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this work and bring animals in desperate need of a second chance to our valley. Our team and the Jackson Hole community are eager to meet the newest members of our adoption program.” Carrie Boynton, Animal Adoption Center Executive Director. The animal adoption center partners with Dog is My CoPilot 1-2 times a year. This time they accepted 8 new dogs ready to be placed in loving homes. 

For more information on both of these inspiring organizations visit https://animaladoptioncenter.org and https://dogcopilot.org 

Dog is My CoPilot

Photos: Buckrail // Sarah Averill