Detectives confirm missing woman’s vehicle found, no sign of Aubree

SUBLETTE COUNTY, WYO – Authorities from both Fremont and Sublette counties responded today to a report of an abandoned vehicle fitting the description of the truck last seen being driven by a Green River woman missing now for more than a month.

Investigators confirmed they have found the 2005 Chevy Avalanche with a dirt bike in the back, the same vehicle Aubree Corona, 28, was seen driving when she left camp in the New Fork Lakes area to make a supply run on July 13.

The truck was found in the Leeds Creek area in Fremont County, a remote area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest approximately 40 miles north of where Corona and friends were camping and nearer to DuNoir and Dubois. The location would suggest Corona simply became lost on her way to a store to get supplies and seems to jibe with reports she was seen on the Dubois side of Union Pass.

The more clues investigators find, however, the more baffling the case becomes. Sublette County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Sgt. Travis Bingham said there is not much he is able to report at this time as investigators are on scene and looking for clues. But nothing initially found has law enforcement believe Corona met with any foul play. Nor does anything at the scene indicate where Corona might be now.

Some social media dialogue surrounding the case hints at Corona’s boyfriend as being a possible suspect. The truck and dirt bike belong to him. Bingham said there is nothing his department has found that would cause him to be named a person of interest.

“Everyone who was at the camp, family members…we’ve interviewed everyone involved extensively,” Bingham said. “The boyfriend is not a suspect or person of interest at this time.”

The search continues for what may have become of Corona. The Leeds Creek area where the truck was found is not a frequented site by backcountry users. It was not part of the initial search grid, mostly because where the truck was found is off roads where motorized vehicle use is not permitted.

“Detectives are now actively working the scene for clues and we will release more information as it becomes available,” Bingham added.

Corona is still listed as a missing person. This new discovery is a step towards finding her and authorities are asking anyone with information pertaining to Corona come forward. Please contact the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office 307-367-4378.

The location of the vehicle Corona was last seen driving makes it entirely conceivable she could have become disoriented on backcountry forest roads before eventually parking.

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