Photo: Courtesy of Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Board of Directors is pleased to welcome six new board members, Jimmy Bartz, Victor Hernandez, Kathleen McCarragher, Miriam Morillon, Joel Revill and Scott Pierson who will help support the Foundation’s mission, “to improve lives through philanthropic leadership.”  

“We are excited for the wide range of experience and skill sets that this new cohort will bring to the Board,” remarked Stacey Morse, Community Foundation Board Chair. 

At the Foundation’s December Board meeting, the Board approved a new slate of officers for 2023 with Julie O’Halloran serving as Chair, David Landes as Vice Chair, Betty Andrikopoulos as Treasurer, and Jane Carey as Secretary. 

Outgoing members Jon Dawson, Don Opatrny, and Paul Vogelheim were recognized for their steadfast commitment to the Community Foundation Board.  

“Jon, Don, and Paul have played unique and integral roles in advancing the Foundation’s mission,” stated Laurie Andrews, Community Foundation President. “We are stronger as an organization thanks to their leadership on the Board.” 

2023 Officers 

Julie O’Halloran – Chair
David Landes – Vice Chair
Betty Andrikopoulos – Treasurer, 
Chair of Finance Committee, Audit Sub-Committee
Jane Carey – Secretary 

2023 Board Members 

Jimmy Bartz 
Val Beck 
Lisa Carlin 
Peggy Davenport 
Greg Gricus 
Laura Harrison 
Victor Hernandez 
Dave Landes 
Kathleen McCarragher 
Miriam Morillon 
Bill Newton, Emeritus
Daniela Peterson 
Joel Revill 
Andy Schwartz 
Ted Staryk 
Janet Whitmire
Scott Pierson, Chair, Community Foundation of Teton Valley 

Executive Committee
(including Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary)

Deirdre Griffith – Chair of Grants Committee 
Marcia Kunstel – Chair of Nominating & Governance Committee 
John Lummis – Chair of Investment Committee 
Stacey Morse – Chair of Advancement Committee / Past Chair