Commissioner Macker off to summit for young elected leaders

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Teton County Commissioner Natalia D. Macker this week will meet with fellow elected officials and national leaders in Seattle at the 13th annual National Convening of the Young Elected Officials Network. At the summit, which is the largest gathering of young elected leaders in the country, Macker will participate in issue-based training sessions with nearly a hundred fellow elected officials from across the nation to learn best practices and create proactive strategies to bring back to all 50 states.

Macker, 34, was appointed to the Teton County Commission in 2015 at the age of 31. She was later was reelected to a full term in 2016. She has been a member of the Young Elected Officials Network since fall of 2015, and has attended multiple YEO events around the country over the past three years.

“Attending the convening is an exciting opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with other leaders from across the country. I especially appreciate connecting with elected officials from other small communities and rural states to talk through the challenges we face and share ideas for creating bipartisan solutions,” Macker said. “The YEO Network has introduced me to innovative policymaking forums and enabled me to build connections that enhance my ability to work proactively for the people of Teton County and Wyoming.”

Jackson Town Councilor Hailey Morton Levinson is also a member of the Young Elected Officials Network.

Reflecting on her past participation in the National Convening, Morton Levinson noted, “It’s important to learn from others’ experiences and see how leaders across the country are tackling some of the same issues we are working on in Jackson whether that be housing, economic diversification, or becoming a more inclusive community. Being a part of YEO has afforded me the opportunity for leadership development, networking, and support as an elected official under 40.”

The Young Elected Officials (YEO) Network, a project of People For the American Way Foundation, is a cutting-edge program investing in the pipeline of young leaders and building sustained relationships with its members. It provides the resources young elected officials need to effectively impact policy, foster their own development and professional growth, and elevate their voices and their leadership.

“I am excited about the opportunities that convening weekend provide both to the elected officials who will join us in Seattle and to communities around the country,” said Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, NY, and director of youth leadership programs at People For the American Way Foundation. “No other space exists where young, visionary elected officials from every corner of our country come together to discuss issues critical to our communities and then work together to form common-sense, bold solutions. This weekend’s discussions have tremendous potential and are sorely needed—now more than ever.”

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