Clarene Law: Live long and prosper

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Looking for a great podcast? The perfectly-timed Women in Wyoming series features a truly grand dame in Jackson Hole right in the middle of Women’s History Month.

Self-made business mogul and community leader Clarene Law is featured in the WW podcast produced by Lindsay Linton Buk (Linton Productions).

Law can still can be found most days working at the Antler—her flagship motel, which she purchased 55 years ago. At 84 years old, why does she go to work every day? “Because it needs done,” she’ll often respond.

Law grew up in a blue-collar family and made a millionaire of herself beginning with the purchase of that first motel. Since then, it’s been a lot of hard work and most importantly: a network of relationships. Law will be the first to tell anyone looking for advice it is always about more than what you can do alone.

“The only way you do things, you don’t do things alone. There is no such word as just me, I. It is all of us. It’d take everybody in my life to make what I am today,” Law said in the podcast.

And giving back is important to the valley icon. She is often seen out and about at various fundraisers and other community events. Law also served 14 years in state legislature, as well as on numerous boards and commissions.

Woman, man—doesn’t matter. One could do a lot worse in a role model and mentor.

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