Christmas trees the focus of BLM permit sale

WYOMING – Tis the season for sale of Christmas tree permits from the Bureau of Land Management[BLM].

The BLM Wyoming field office is peddling the permits at $5–$10 dollars per tree, weekdays from 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m. And a five tree maximum is placed upon an individual’s personal use of the trees on BLM-administered lands.

Purchasers are reminded that permits sold by BLM may only be used in lands the organization administers. Cutters are to carry a valid permit while felling a tree. And trees are not to be cut within a wilderness area, wilderness study area, timber sale area, administrative sites such as developed campgrounds, or private property.

Prepare for high country winter weather conditions when seeking a tree. Engelmann spruce, sub-alpine fir, Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, and lodgepole pine are the BLM-recommended specie regarding Christmas tree selection. Cutters are also advised to extract trees from areas of dense growth as this improves forest health and wildlife habitat overall.

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