JACKSON, Wyo. — U.S. Representative Liz Cheney has been defeated by Harriet Hageman in today’s primary election.

In a speech from Mead Ranch in Jackson, Cheney announced that she conceded to Hageman in a phonecall today.

“Tonight, Harriet Hageman has received the most votes in this primary, she won,” said Cheney. “I called her to concede the race. This primary election is over, but now the real work begins.”

Cheney cast her ballot at the Teton County Library today in Jackson accompanied by her father, and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In the last year, Cheney has received criticism from her party as one of former President Donald Trump’s most powerful critics. She voted for his impeachment and sat on the Jan. 6 panel that investigated Trump’s role in the Capitol attacks.

Tonight, she stated her commitment to maintaining the legitamacy of elections and “to accept honorably [its] outcome.”

“At the heart of our democratic process are elections. They are the foundational principle of our constitution. Two years ago I won this primary with 73% of this vote, I could have easily done the same again. The path was clear. But it would’ve required that I go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election. It would’ve required that I enable his ongoing efforts to unravel a democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. That was a path I could not and would not take.”

Rep. Liz Cheney

Cheney closed her speech by asking the crowd and all Americans to join her in her fight to uphold the principles of the constitution.

“So I ask you tonight to join me. As we leave here let us resolve that we will stand together; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents; against those who will destroy our republic. They are angry and they are determined but they have not seen anything like the power of Americans united in defense of our Constitution and committed to the cause of freedom.”

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Caroline Chapman is a Community News Reporter. She enjoys reading non-fiction, skiing, hiking, and playing piano in her downtime. Her favorite aspect about living in Jackson is the genuine admiration that Wyomingites share for the land and the life that it sustains.