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JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Questions about parking in and around town might be as hard to answer as actually finding a parking space on a summer afternoon. But your input is needed.

As town leaders examine all aspects of parking in Character Districts 3-6, more questions than answers remain as the Parking Study is expected to wrap up in December.

Recently, Mayor Pete Muldoon has stated his desire to explore a paid parking system downtown as early as next June.

The Chamber of Commerce is hosting two open house meetings to discuss managed parking—today at 2pm, and again on Thursday at 2pm. The meetings will take place at the Chamber’s office space at 260 W Broadway, Suite A.

Come expecting to learn more about managed parking. It can result in increased parking turnover, more availability, and less congestion. Change always has impacts, though, planned and unplanned.

Let’s kick around some ideas and share our concerns as we all try to help the town answer questions like these:

District 3 – 6 Parking Study questions

  1. What level of vehicle parking demand are we planning for?
  2. What level of bicycle parking demand are we planning for?
  3. What is an acceptable distance from a parking space to a destination?
  4. Should parking policy vary by season?
  5. Who is on-street parking for?
  6. What is the public role in providing off-street parking (such as parking garages)?
  7. How should Park n’ Ride facilities be used?
  8. What level of safety are we trying to achieve through parking policies?
  9. How should on-street and off-street public parking be funded?
  10. How should parking be managed?

While the town and county are discussing policy changes for Zone 3-6 parking, the Chamber is discussing what managed parking throughout our town, including downtown, will mean for local businesses. The Chamber is an advocate for its members and values opportunities to meet directly with the business owners and managers who may be affected by current issues.

For details on the Districts 3 – 6 Zoning Update and Parking Study, an element Engage 2017 – Jackson/Teton County Long Range Plan, click here. For another interesting resource, click here