JACKSON, WY— If you crave high-quality, unique furnishings that won’t break the bank, look no further than Catch & Release, Jackson Hole’s first full-service, online furniture consignment marketplace. Locally owned, CatchandReleaseJH.com makes it easy to buy and sell high-end, new and gently used furniture without leaving the comfort of your home.

Living in a mountain town away from the hustle and bustle is amazing, until you need to furnish a home and you’re paying hundreds of dollars in delivery fees or driving for hours to find unique and affordable items. Catch & Release provides another option—high-end, one-of-a-kind pieces delivered to Jackson Hole homes for FREE.

“We work hard to find pieces from top brands that would normally require an out-of-town shopping trip. For example, we just received dozens of brand new Restoration Hardware and Room & Board pieces from a spec home that sold before they could unpack the boxes. Ordering these same items from Restoration Hardware would include $400-$500 in delivery fees and you’d be waiting another 4-6 weeks for your shipment to arrive,” said Catch & Release founder and owner Samantha Danahy.

Catch & Release’s website features available products from lighting to art and decor.

“Clients also appreciate that we’re locally owned and we truly take the hassle out of consignment,” Danahy continued. “We connect high-end pieces that people in the Valley are no longer using or didn’t fit in new spaces with people who want quality furniture without paying premium prices.”

Catch & Release works just like any other online retailer. Discover great deals on high-end, lightly used, and brand new furniture at CatchandReleaseJH.com, purchase online and Catch & Release will deliver to your Jackson Hole home, for free.

Becoming a consigner is easy as well. If you can take a photo and fill out a form, you can sell items on Catch & Release or email info@catchandreleasejh.com and they’ll take care of the entire process for you.

For more information, view current inventory or become a consigner, go to CatchandReleaseJH.com.